The Rail Yard PUD

The Rail Yard Development

The City of Grayson was looking for a down town revitalization to create a sense of community. Zanardo Architects, PC, was chosen to do the master planning and architecture for a turn of the century themed development in down town Grayson based on the rail way that once went through the town. The development includes retail, restaurant, and live-work residences which encourage a walking community.

Train Station
The center and focal point of the development is a recreation of that turn of the original train station which houses 2 restaurants. Brick detailing enhances the feel of a building 100 years old.

A 2-story building recreates an old warehouse turned into a 2-story restaurant building with roof top terraces. The façade uses stone and brick to reflect the old buildings on Grayson’s main street.

Main Street Retail and Business
Detailed façade of two adjacent building for the main street theme. The lower level has a covered pedestrian way for the lower level retail establishments which serves as the second floor walk way for the business tenants. Turn of the century brick and cast stone are used to recreate the old theme including recessed entrance doors. Detailed iron work railing enhances the look and feel of yesteryear.

General Store and Business
A 2-story building modeled after an actual building in an old Georgian town. Awnings, heavy wood brackets, and brick detailing are featured.

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