Environments should be designed to uplift and encourage. Good design should elicit positive feelings in those visiting, working and playing in the space while also providing easy access for those delivering services. Sustainable, enduring design that enriches the environment and community as well as the occupants of the space.

Interior designs should elevate spirits while creating a flow that enhances the performance of the space’s inhabitants and the experience of visitors. This is the true litmus test of a projects ultimate success and sustainability.

We at Zanardo Architects believe that the very best environments create excitement that is balanced by ease of use, flow and exceptional function. We keep ultimate goal in mind throughout the entirety of the design process and communications with our client’s. The payoff has been a string of successful, enduring projects across a range of commercial, medical, industrial and residential designs.

Zanardo Architects, P.C. has thrived over the years through economic ups and downs as well as changes in styles and trends in architecture not just because of skill in design but because of our commitment to an ethical and moral foundation. We believe the following three elements have served and continue to serve both our success and our client’s successes.


At the foundation of successful architectural achievements is a synergy between a range of elements.

For these elements to exist, the client must feel that their architect brings not just technical skill but an ethical underpinning while evaluating the critical elements created over the course of a project.

The multiple and interconnected layers of an environments creation require honest appraisal throughout each phase to ensure the finished project is free from defects or flaws and brings to fruition the joint vision.

The architectural process can not be a simple texture over a facade.


In the reality of day to day living, innovation has become commonplace and expected.

However, innovation for its own sake is just that.

Rather than adding to the functionality of an environment, what results is a novelty that encumbers … a fad rather than a trend.

Zanardo Architects believe that adding a new element to any installation should be founded upon the belief that innovation must enhance the experience for all concerned, and not be implemented because it’s new and unusual.


Environments should be designed to uplift, encourage and inspire. Enduring designs that serve the community and enrich lives is the hallmark of our projects.

Those of us at Zanardo Architects are constantly striving to innovate, discover and expand our horizons while embracing traditions and history. This blend of respect for tradition and push for innovation has served our clients and their communities well for 30 years.

We believe the the very best environments fuse elements of excitement within a functional form. It is this combination that can provide inspiration.

Please browse through the images on this site and feel free to contact us for a consultation. We look forward to assisting you in bringing your architectural vision to life.